Local Support

Local Support

Linking Leeds

Linking Leeds is an integrated, free city-wide Social Prescribing service for people in Leeds.

Social Prescribing is a way of linking individuals with a range of local community services to improve social, emotional and mental wellbeing. Linking Leeds provides Social Prescribing for all people aged 16 years and above, no matter where they live in the city – while responding to the specific health profiles of communities.

Flourishing Families

We work alongside communities to equip families with the skills they need to move forward.

Our projects focus on healthy eating, literacy, language and mentoring. We get to know real people, hear their stories, and provide practical support where it’s needed. We started out in February 2017, with three small pilot projects. Since then we have grown rapidly, enabling more and more families each year to directly benefit from our life-changing work. Flourishing Families continues to develop as an effective grass-roots charity, which is able to respond quickly and flexibly to the needs of local communities.

Leeds Stop Smoking Service

Leeds Stop Smoking Service supports smokers to reduce their nicotine dependency and quit for good.

Smokers wishing to access the service will be given a choice of treatment, based on need and preference, including nicotine replacement therapy and e-cigarettes. They will work with a trained Smoking Cessation Coach to develop a personalised plan with a pre-agreed quit date. Support extends to a year after each person’s quit date to make sure people are given the best possible chance to stop smoking permanently.   Participants attend a minimum of six appointments. They will learn behavioural change strategies focused on problem solving to reduce and remove triggers and barriers. These strategies are used throughout the service and captured in a bespoke exit plan on completion.

Referrals can be made via our website or by calling 0800 169 4219.    


We bring people together to create, improve and care for green spaces.

From local parks and community gardens to Local Nature Reserves and Sites of Special Scientific Interest; from school grounds and hospital grounds to waterways, wetlands and woodlands; we connect people to the green spaces that form a vital part of any healthy, happy community.


We work with a range of partner organisations, both voluntary and statutory, to reduce social isolation and support people in developing their own initiatives.

We help people overcome the barriers they face in fulfilling their potential by delivering advice, support and guidance at a community and individual level. This includes people who may have complex needs and have been excluded from other services as a result. We support people struggling with housing issues, finances, physical and mental health problems. Our services are also geared towards children, young people and adults affected by domestic abuse, drug and alcohol issues, as well as people struggling with employment or education. At a strategic level we seek to influence local, national and international policy development. We are active members of Locality and its network of international partners. This allows us to share our expertise across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world, whilst learning from others.

Carers Leeds

Established in 1996, Carers Leeds is a charity that provides information, advice and support to unpaid adult and parent carers across Leeds.

This includes our Advice Line, carers support groups, one to one support and support in hospitals. Some of our services are universal – open to all carers – and some are targeted at specific groups of carers. Our services are provided to communities throughout Leeds.   Advice Line: 0113 380 4300 Advice Email: [email protected]  

Armley Helping Hands

Established in 1995, Armley Helping Hands was founded by a group of local people and community activists, concerned about the welfare of local older people living in very deprived inner-city areas of Leeds.

William Merritt Centre

We provide clinical assessments for elderly or frail individuals and disabled people to help them remain independently mobile for longer.

We would also like to promote our Shopmobility Services at White Rose Shopping Centre and in the Merrion Centre Shopmobility – William Merritt Disabled Living Centre (wmdlc.org).